The School

Satish Chandra Memorial School strictly follows the syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The School is managed by Satish Chandra Memorial Trust, a charitable, non-profitable organisation consisting of eminent educationist and other socially conscious professionals. The aim of the school is to make every effort using modern methods and upholding traditional values, to develop all round personality of each child and to make the child a worthy member of the society and an ideal citizen of our nation. Well qualified and devoted teachers are carefully selected so as to impart the best education methodically and systematically.

From The Principal's Desk

Dear Students,
Strong motivation and foresight will help you to form the habit of doing work, in a planned way and studying regularly. You should note down all the instructions which your teachers give regarding the classtask or hometask of reading or writing. Read the homework questions and instructions carefully before you start your work at home and do it before studying any other thing. After finishing your home task, revise the day's lessons and learn what is to be learnt therein. This habit of studying in a planned way will be useful to you and pays you in the long run. This diary contains much useful information which you should note and make proper use of them. You must bring this diary to the school daily without fail and maintain it carefully.


Our Shared Mission Statement

At Satish Chandra Memorial School, we aim to provide an environment for whole school community, which strives to be:

  • Positive & Value based
  • Secure & Caring
  • Stressfree & Hygienic
  • Inspiring, motivating & challenging

Which develop:

  • A happy, healthy, worthy citizen
  • A respectful individual of the society
  • A confident and independent lifelong learner

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the school is to encourage all round development of a child, fostering in him/her a love of excellence tempered by compassion and human values. We make every effort to impart wholesome value based quality education. Responding to the needs of the next millennium, the I.T. skills of the children are developed and honed. Our aim is to bring out worthy citizens who can keep pace with the fast modern world.

Teaching with the help of modern technology

Modern teaching skills and modern technology are used by highly competent and well experienced teaching staff to make learning a fun and interesting process. Our well equipped computer Lab and Audio Visual facilities increasing understanding of different subjects and developing practical skills in students.