Mission & Vision


Satish Chandra Memorial School is an English Medium Co – educational institution which strictly follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. The school is managed by Satish Chandra Memorial Trust, a charitable, non- profitable organization consisting professionals. The aim of the school is to make every effort, using modern methods and upholding traditional values, to develop all round personality of each child and to make the child a worthy member of the society and an ideal citizen of our nation. Well qualified and devoted teachers are carefully selected so as to impart the nest educational methodically and systematically.

Vision and Mission for our School

Our vision is to educate our children not merely for living but for life. A life lived should be meaningful, positive and propelling towards the intended goal. Children under our guidance could aim for the so called “impossible”, build a strong willpower which would give them the strength to achieve, “The fight for the right without question or cause”. Swami Vivekananda rightly said, “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your mind and runs riot there, undigested all through your life” – Educational as we visualize has to play a catalytic role where it enables a learner to pursue and discover the men, matter and materials, their relevance, their utility in their own way.

Our Mission has been to achieve the above mentioned Benchmark:
  • We take appropriate steps to make learning, enjoyable and stress free activity.
    • Challenging topics at various age groups are made interesting through computer aided education.
    • Teachers after continued workshops have evolved the technique of proactive teaching. The teacher acts only as a facilitator seeking out information from the children in class/or if the topic demands, may be at an excursion.
  • We work on concept of multiple intelligence and cognitive learning is not given much importance.
    • Emotional empowerment, physical excellence and ethical and more stability is as important as intellectual growth. We work towards this through our various co –Curricular activities where every child participates.
    • We emphasize on the value of sharing and caring and thereby encouraging the children to work collectively in perfect harmony with one another,
  • Education is a continuing process and learning is something which is endless. The world is witnessing rapid changes in all spheres if human activities. Therefore it has become incumbent on us (teachers) to equip ourselves adequately, to cope challenges of globalization and technological becomes essentially important to sustain progress.
    • Proactive parenting seminars
    • Workshop for teachers on motivation and learning process
    • Workshop on stress related issues in pedagogy
    • Career counselling workshops for students
    • Workshop for subject teachers organized by subject experts forwarded by CBSE
  • School is an interactive community - a society in itself. In this society the child is the focus surrounded by parents, teachers and the school environment on three sides and the triangle becomes dynamic.
    • Active participation from parent at Parent Teacher Meetings that are held at least four times a year.
    • Parents participation is encouraged in all major school activities such as annual concerts, sports, exhibition etc.
      Our emphasis is on building a world without boundaries - a world where people exist symbiotic relation amidst amity, love and peace.